Web Development

Making Websites That Stand the Test of Time

Due to the rise and fall of web design trends, the average site has a shelf life of two-to-five years. To prove this point, let’s take a look at what was fashionable in 2008: retro themes, grungy details, wood grain backgrounds and 3D-looking sticky...
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3 Things Your Website Absolutely Needs

For every new web technology that is released, tested by the masses, digested and accepted, the bar for the ‘modern-day website’ inches up a little bit more. Sometimes, this new tool or design trend becomes something more than a mere badge of honour;...
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How a Web App Can Transform Your Business

Let’s say your business is used fork sales. You buy second-hand forks, test them, refurbish them as needed, and sell them online. Seems like a manageable process, doesn’t it? But, wait. The second-hand utensil market is heating up and, by golly,...
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