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Happy Holidays from Urban Lighthouse!

Happy Holidays from Urban Lighthouse!

Happy holidays everyone!

We had a fantastic 2015 at the Lighthouse. We were challenged. We learned. We grew as a team.

Thanks to our clients who invited us to work on projects that pushed our boundaries, kept us sharp and helped us develop new skills.

We wish all of our friends and family a wondeful holiday season and an amazing start to 2016.

For your viewing pleasure, here are a few photos from our end-of-year shenanigans. 

Last Friday, we headed out for lunch and played some board games back at the office — a perfect party for nerds. We played Secret Hitler and Cards Against Humanity, if you’re wondering.

DSC_9718 DSC_9721 DSC_9722 DSC_9717DSC_9739DSC_9737DSC_9738DSC_9728

DSC_9732 DSC_9733 DSC_9734 DSC_9735 DSC_9736 DSC_9740

Happy holidays everyone!

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