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Explainer: The Internet of Things

Explainer: The Internet of Things
The software development industry sure does love its buzzwords.

The ‘Internet of Things‘ is one of most popular these days. It refers to the connection of software to physical objects over a network. The software, usually in the form of a cloud-based app, interacts with the object, either by monitoring its characteristics or outright controlling it, or both. Think Nest. Or this crazy shirt.

A brief history

The term ‘Internet of Things’ has been around since 1999, but it only really started gaining traction in 2013.

On the other hand, the concept behind IoT (remote monitoring and control of objects) is definitely not new. SCADA systems, which are typically used in industrial settings for remote site monitoring and whatnot, have been around since the ‘60s.

From OleumTech:

SCADA is a computer-based system for gathering and analyzing real-time data to monitor and control equipment that deals with critical and time-sensitive materials or events. SCADA systems were first used in the 1960s and are now an integral component in virtually all industrial plant and production facilities.

You might feel like you’re missing something, but you’re not.

The Internet of Things is a ridiculously simple concept and, also, a pretty fluid term.

At Urban Lighthouse, we definitely have mixed feelings about it. On one hand, we’re currently designing an app that will let you remotely monitor and control your home – so we’re quite happy to hitch a ride on the tidal wave of popularity attached to #IoT. On the other hand, we love to make fun of buzzwords exactly like this one. Including this one.

Travis prefers to call these devices Smart Stuff – a much better name, in my opinion.


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